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I am a SAG-AFTRA Eligible professional dancer and bilingual voice actress based in New York City. I am known for being the voice of Walmart and Giant Supermarkets in TV and radio campaigns, the institutional voice of Accent Dance NYC, and the narrator of several healthcare explainer videos and PSA for the New York Department of Health, Virginia Department of Health, BrainQ, and beyond.


I offer my expertise in a wide diversity of voiceover genres including commercials, e-learning, corporate narration, dubbing, animation, institutional, and IVR systems. I have been coached by some of the top leaders in the Latin American voiceover industry, including Rona Fletcher, territory controller of Gravy for the Brain LATAM, and René Figueroa, director of Academia ECO in Bogotá, Colombia.

Photo: Tania Palomeque for FJK Dance

What my clients say

The read is marvelous, and we’re very happy with the character you brought to the read, thank you!

- Ray Martindale, JJack Productions

Work Samples

Commercial Reel
Public Service Announcement 2
Public Service Announcement
Narration Reel
My Insights

My Insights

"I believe the art of the voice is a physical and sensory experience that resembles dancing. As a professional dancer of more than 15 years of experience performing in a diverse range of dance genres with New York based companies and beyond, I transfer my cultivated awareness of movement to create similar sensations in the tone, texture, rhythm, and melody of my voice.


In the same way that I efficiently apply choreographers' prompts to deliver the desired qualities as a dancer, as a voice actress I am very responsive to clients' direction in recording sessions and their feedback reflects their satisfaction with my service.